Marine technology

The Fishing nets are the most serious threat for cetaceans, particularly dolphins and porpoises, being the death cause for thousands of them every year.
Also fishermen suffer great damage in terms of loss of catch and holes in the nets.

The DDD, Dolphin Dissuasive Device, is an electronic instrument resulted from long research made together with prestigious marine behaviour research centres, like the Marine and Ambient Research Institute from the CNR and Seamed, both from Mazara del Vallo, Sicily. It assures the dolphins remain far from their main danger, preserving also the fishing nets and the industry's profitability.

The DDD proved high efficiency in reducing the interaction between mammals and fishermen in several areas around the world.

The DiD, Dolphin interactive Dissuasor, produces ultrasounds only when the presence of mammals in the area is detected.

The device is in accordance with the European Union Council Regulation (EC) 812/2004 of April 26th 2004, Annex II.

The emission level of both devices, the DDD and the DiD, do not produce any damages to the mammals.

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