2012: New automatic water doser-mixer TriDOMIX

The TriDOMIX provides the correct amount of water reaching the correct temperature in the mixer with automatic sequential doses

2012: New meat seasoning cabinet control DSC-2L

This new control manages all phases for meat and cheese seasoning process.

2011: New deep freezer control DFC-VG

The new contrlol DFC-VG uses the "I-click" technology to manage deep freezing chambers.
It replaces the DFC-1L.

2011: Dolphin interactive Dissuasor - DiD 01

STM launches the new device DiD 01.

The DiD 01 has been specially designed to limit the predation by mammals in the nets/lines, and tested with success in different areas with different type of mammals.

It uses the same accessories than the DDD.

2010: Web Interface Communicator WIC

The Web Interface Communicator WIC is a server designed to make serial devices network-ready easily.

2009: DDD Accessories

The VOLTester and the multi battery charger MBC

2009: New continuous proving control

It controls at neutral zone the temperature and humidity in continuous proving chambers and the proofing time is calculated by the  conveyor speed.

2009: Dolphin Dissuasive Device - DDD03

STM launches the new DDD03 model in 4 versions:
- DDD03L: for aquaculture and ports.
- DDD03N: for long set nets.
- DDD03H: for short set nets or moving nets (trawler, purse seine, long lines). 
- DDD03U: for squid fishing with single line

2009: STM Software Division

STM establishes the new software division in Udine for the development and marketing of embedded software.

2008: New electronic controls MINI

These controls are provided as a single pronted circuit board.

2008: New LIFT Safety VODAECO 15

The new series LIFT Safety VODAECO 15 mantains the typical features of the previous models like the reliability and easy installation procedure.
The VODAECO 15 LIGHT version comes in a strong plastic box and assures the functions required by the international standards.
Both are available to be mounted on the lift car roof and behind the keyboard and powered at 230V or 12V/24V. 

2008: New GSM Transceiver GSMT-01

The GSM Transceiver GSMT-01 device is a PSTN line simulator able to perform calls and send messages through the GSM network.
It is the perfect partner for the LIFT Safety device when the PSTN line is not available.

Other typical applications are:
- GSM Gateway for security devices
- Remote control for industrial machines or lift's  controllers
- Watch-dog for industrial machines


The computer allows the automatic management of one batch of eight components to be prepared for the following production steps, the data collection of the performed batches is transmitted to a remote PC/PLC. The device controls the weight of two dosing hoppers where the eight different components are transported from 8 silos, one after the other, to complete the recipe.


The computer allows the automatic management of one batch of two components to be prepared for the following production steps, the data collection of the performed batches is transmitted to a remote PC/PLC. The device controls the weight of the dosing hopper where the two different components are transported from 2 silos, one after the other, to complete the recipe.

2007: New DEOC for electric deck ovens

DEOC for electric deck ovens
This new release of DEOC has three versions: with 3 resistances percentages (top, bottom and front), with 2 resistances percentages (top and bottom) and with 2 different temperatures (top and bottom).

2007: New spiral mixer control

The XSMC series controls manage in a fully automatic way all functions for executing a complete three phase mixing cycle.
Three models are available: for fixed bowl, extractable bowl and tilting system.

2007: Draka Elevator Products announces LIFTSafety® distribution also in North America

Draka Elevator Products Inc. from Rocky Mount NC, USA, announces the availability of STM's  LIFTSafety® emergency phones for lifts for the North American markets.

2006: New oil doser OilDOX

The OilDOX is an oil doser, specially designed for bakeries. It is able to deliver up to 3 litres/minute. It has stainless steel box and is electronically controlled.

2006:Draka Elevator Products starts to distribute the LIFTSafety® communications device and the SAFETYCentre®

Draka Elevator Products BV from Oudenbosch, The Netherlands, announces a distribution partnership with STM Products Srl from Verona, Italy, to distribute the LIFTSafety® emergency phone for lifts and the SAFETYCentre® central unit, through Draka Elevator Products' European distribution network.

Both devices are reliable, durable and easy to install. They are in full accordance to CEE 91/16 Directive, EN 81.28 and 81.70 Standards, being the best communications solution for trapped people in the lift car or the technicians on the roof or in the pit.

Andries van Bergen, general manager Draka Elevator Products Europe,  states: "Draka Elevator Products offers the European elevator market a cost-effective device which does not use the power supply from the telephone network and has also a GSM version. We know that safety communication is very important in case of emergency situations therefore we needed this kind of high quality product. This is another example of Draka Elevator Products BV expanding the product line for our European customers".

"We have joined with a great distribution partner", asserts Luca Tommasoli, president of STM Products. "We expect to have great results through our agreement with Draka EP. This company has a great distribution network and customer service capabilities, these key factors together with the quality of the LIFTSafety® will allow us to reach many more customers. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship".

2005: New water purifiers OSMOX

STM introduces new products: the water purifiers. These products consist in the reverse osmosis systems OSMOX® that clean the water from all mineral salts at molecular level and the water softeners IONIX® which reduce the hardness of the water.
These products complete the water line for bakeries but are also used for steam generators, washing machines, boilers and coffee machines among others.

2005: New I-CLICK controls

STM introduces new electronic controls for ovens and retarder prover cabinets.
These devices have a graphic screen and the "I-click" device for selecting, modifying and confirming values and options.
The different models are:
   - ROC-VG  for rotary ovens
   - MDOC-VG  for multideck ovens
   - RPC-VG  for retarder-prover cabinets

2005: Trophee awarded

At the Europain 2005 exhibition in Paris, the Innovations Trophée in the Hygiene Category was awarded to us for the cleaning system in the water chillers of the SCWR-D series.

2005: New control ROC-E

STM introduces the ROC-E, economic control for rotary ovens.

2004: Dolphin Dissuasive Device

After years of development and testing together with prestigious reserch centres, STM launches the Dolphin Dissuasive Device®. The DDD is an ultrasound emmiter which keeps dolphins away from the fishing nets, helping to protect the mammals, the catch and the fishing gear. 

2003: New water chillers

STM introduces new products: the SCWR-D water chillers.
These products are the only ones able to give water at the same temperature during the whole day.
The line is composed by industrial, professional and tropical models.

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