DiD 01

DiD 01

The Dolphin interactive Dissuasor - DiD 01 is an evolution of the DDD series.

The main difference is that the DiD remains in stand-by status until it detects the mammal's echolocation clicks, it's only then that the DiD reacts by emitting the ultrasound signals.

The range of ultrasound emissions is the same as the

The DiD is useful to avoid by-catch like the DDD but has been designed specifically to avoid predation by mammals in the nets/longlines.

The aim of this model is to reach the following goals:
- to respond to the mammal signals interfering with their location sense in order to obstacle the identification of their preys (in the net / line).
- to decrease the possibility of habituation to the ultrasounds.
- to increase the batteries charge duration.
- to decrease the acoustic pollution.


The accessories are the same used for the DDD.

Important note: a DiD is to be used at least 2 km. far from a DDD.




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