The simple automatic solution

The TriDOMIX 50 is a fully automatic water doser-mixer, particularly suitable for industrial environments.

The desired temperature is reached at the end of the dosing with sequential deliveries, starting from the cold water, in order to preserve the yeast in the dough.

The use of the by-pass is necessary only for checking the reachability of the set point before proceeding to the delivery in the dough.

There is memory available for 99 recipes, including 49 double ones and some special ones, including one with the water quantity as a percentage of the flour weight and one with the automatic calculation of the ideal temperature.

The TriDOMIX ensures accuracy and repeatability of quantity and temperature with a tolerance lower than 1% on the dosing and 1.5 °C on the temperature for batches bigger than 10L.

The device is controlled through an alphanumeric membrane keyboard and an LCD display.

Thanks to the external probe with spiral extendable cable, the temperature of the ambient, or of the flour, or of the dough, it's shown on the display.

The TriDOMIX 50 is equipped with 1/2" inlets while the TriDOMIX 100 is equipped with 3/4" ones, allowing a higher flow rate.

The TriDOMIX can be controlled remotely via the serial interface.

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