60 Line

60 Line

The best of technology at your service

The DOMIX 60 Line is the STM best full automatic water doser-mixer series. It’s equipped with a new mixing system, that ensures the set temperature is reached in few seconds in the worst conditions. The DOMIX 60 manages in a completely automatic way the process of dosing, mixing and discarding the water not in temperature through the by-pass outlet. 

For the very first time, a 10” large color touch screen is used as user interface, to allow a very simple and intuitive use of the machine, in case of local management. For the remote management, many connection options are foreseen: START/STOP remote commands, RS 485 serial interface with MODBus protocol, USB and ethernet ports, or a complete user interface, as the one on the machine. An output for the signal “End of dosing” is available too. 

There is memory for 99 recipes, which can be for single, double or multiple dosing.

The DOMIX 60 line is particularly suitable for industrial and technologically advanced environments, with a high process automation and requiring the maximum precision in regulating and in maintaining the water temperature. The error margins are lower than 1% on the dosing and 0.5 °C  on the temperature.

Thanks to the external probe with spiral extendable cable, on the display the ambient, the flour or the dough temperature can be shown on the display.

The wall mounting kit with delivery hose and the output for remote pump command for the water chiller are standard equipment.

Different models are available, with ½” (DOMIX 60) or ¾” (DOMIX 70) pipes, three or two water inlets, one or two mixer outlets. 

Universal supply: 100 ÷ 240 V / 50 ÷ 60 Hz.

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