The development based on object-oriented modeling is profoundly changing the way software teams work. The combined use of the radSUITE, made by radCASE for modeling and radCHECK for the automatic verification, allows to apply these new and effective methods in the production of embedded applications.


More in details, radCASE represents an environment for the development of embedded applications that follows a methodology based on the model. Its purpose is to fill the gap existing among the typical development environments for embedded applications, with or without multi-tasking kernel.

radCASE is a tool for the design and the development of software for embedded systems and has become indispensable to address the growing complexity of today's systems. It allows the designers to create in a very simple and intuitive way their application, building it graphically thanks to the UML 2 modeling. Further benefits are: the automatic generation of the C code for multiple embedded platforms and a simulator platform to simulate the code on: the result can be simulated and verified in real time directly on a target board.



The implementation of radCHECK allows to define some application constraints (properties) derived from the requirements and to apply them for monitoring the behavior of the running application (dynamic verification). With radCHECK the properties are written with a guided editor, the checkers and the tests are automatically generated and the software is simulated, with the  checkers to identify requirements errors. Specifying the requirements of the application in a formal way, allows to use the automatic verification techniques to formally verify the conformity of the model with the requirements.

Currently, in contrast, the verification process is carried out manually, through the use of fixtures reproducing the operating environment. The adopted methodology has certainly improved the quality of the products developed in terms of modularity, reuse and adherence to the specifications.

This practice is valuable for the entire application life cycle, due that the project will certainly undergo, in the course of time, some changes and extensions and the designer will always easily be able to check that the initial requirements are met.



radCASE and radCHECK are fully integrated with IAR Embedded Workbench and C-Spy Debugger. Functional verification can be automatically performed with Processor-In-the-Loop (PIL) mode using all the ARM/Cortex family boards supported by IAR Systems. For details, please contact



Starter kit

The use of radCASE allows rapid prototyping of new applications thanks to a set of hardware start kit, already configured and ready to use. These allow to proceed directly to the HW debug without the need of developing and testing the level of API software.

Visit the radCASE-UX website and see a list of kits available! 


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