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Formazione e serviziFrom our experience in the field, we have received confirmation of the importance of an adequate coaching and training, addressed to the radSUITE users, so to enable both an exhaustive exploitation of the potential of the tool and a proper synergy with other development and testing tools used in the company.

Our standard trainings are:

radCASE Basic (2 days): introductory course about the use of the tool, its main components, the phases of development with UML design guidelines and the object-oriented approach. All the features are explored following application examples easy to understand. The modules, the data type, the elements, the doors, the methods and the state machines are defined in detail. 

radCASE Advanced (2 days): it is recommended to take this course after the basic course and a short practice period. It deepens the concepts presented previously, more complex application examples are dealt and it is presented how to fine-tune the scheduling and the data communication. Guidance oriented to Design for Testability is provided.

radCASE integration (3 days): course of radCASE integration with proprietary boards and operating systems.

radCHECK basic (2 days): introductory course on the use of the tool, the components and the phases of development. All features are presented following application examples easy to understand.

radCHECK advanced (5 days): it is recommended to take this course after the basic one and a short practice period. Techniques for improving the automatic generation of stimuli and writing formal properties with PSL language will be deepened. References to Hardware-In-the-Loop verifying will also be given.

According to the specific needs or interests of your company, we will be happy to define with you a tailor made program, that will take into consideration your development environment and tools. 

Examples of tailor made training and co-design programs are:

- Specific boards API.C integration
- Operating System integration
Integration of your specific IDE
Methodological approach of your project
Importing of pre-existing project models



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