Water doser - mixers


The STM water meters -DOMIX- are fundamental electronic devices to standardize and improve the quality of the dough, both in the artisan and in the industrial baking processes.

The DOMIX, keeping the temperature constant throughout the dosage, avoid the deterioration of the dough yeast that may occur with thermal shocks, typical of manual dosages or made with less precise devices (in terms of quantity and temperature).

The error margins of the DOMIX are lower than 1%.

All the materials that come in contact with the water are compliant with the existing directives for drinking water.

To ensure maximum reliability, STM tests every machine through an automated testing bank, validating the batches of each device through the calibration of the litre-counter.

Water is a precious and increasingly lacking resource and that's why STM has invested in order to optimize its use, achieving a minimal use of the by-pass in the automatic models.

All STM models are available in 115V or 230V voltage while the models directed to the North American market are UL/CSA and NSF certified.

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